Julia Matsieva



University of California, Davis
Ph.D. 2019
Computer Science
University of California, Davis
M.S. 2014
Computer Science
Harvey Mudd College
B.S. 2011
Joint Computer Science and Mathematics


Python, Perl, Datalog/Prolog, Java, Haskell, C/C++
Python/Django/Flask, PHP/Symfony, JavaScript/Node.js/Vue.js/jQuery, HTML/CSS
MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Gurobi, SageMath, LaTeX


Software Engineer
Peach Finance, Oakland, CA, July 2020-present Software Engineer
Stockwell.ai, Oakland, CA, October 2019-July 2020 Software Developer
MarkSYS Holdings, Rocklin, CA, November 2018-October 2019 Jiujitsu Instructor
Cia Paulista Sacramento, Sacramento, December 2017-November 2019 Teaching Assistant
University of California, Davis, Computer Science Department Graduate Student Researcher
University of California, Davis, September 2013-December 2019 Kids Jiujitsu Teacher
Academy Learning Center, Sacramento, January-April 2017 Database Theory Intern
LogicBlox, Atlanta, GA, June-August 2012 Graduate Student Researcher
University of California, Davis, September 2011-June 2012 Physics Grader
Harvey Mudd College Physics Department, January 2008-May 2011
Student Researcher
Harvey Mudd College, Computer Science Department, June 2010-May 2011 Software Development Intern
Dreamhost, San Francisco, CA, May-August 2009 Software Development Intern
Affinity Circles, Mountain View, CA, May-August 2008 Freelance Web Developer
San Jose, CA, 2003-2007; 2010-2014


Matsieva, J., St. John, K. Most Parsimonious Likelihood Exhibits Multiple Optima for Compatible Characters. Bull Math Biol 82, 10 (2020).
Matsieva, Julia. Optimization techniques for phylogenetics. UC Davis, 2019.
Matsieva J, Kelk S, Scornavacca C, Whidden C, Gusfield D.,
A resolution of the static formulation question for the problem of computing the history bound,
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 404-417, March-April 1 2017
Trying to Simulate the History Bound by ILP,
Integer Linear Programming in Computational Biology, May 2016
Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
Matsieva, Julia. A Static Formulation of the History Bound Problem. UC Davis, 2014.
Christopher A. Stone, Melissa E. O'Neill, Sonja A. Bohr, Adam M. Cozzette, M. Joe DeBlasio, Julia Matsieva, Stuart A. Pernsteiner, Ari D. Schumer. Observationally Cooperative Multithreading. arXiv. Harvey Mudd College, 2012.


Analysis of maximum likelihood for phylogenetic trees
University of California, Davis, September 2014-present Combinatorial optimization for reticulation networks
University of California, Davis, September 2013-December 2019 Global monitoring of earth surface changes (Clinic Project)
Harvey Mudd College, September 2010-May 2011 Observationally cooperative multithreading
Harvey Mudd College, Computer Science Department, June 2010-May 2011


LinkedIn •  facebook •  instagram •  goodreads •  deviantART


Circulation/Catalog Volunteer
Lavender Library, Archives, and Cultural Exchange (LLACE)
Sacramento, CA, April 2015-April 2018 Committee Member – Student Search Committee
University of California, Davis, Computer Science Department, February-April 2017 Veteran Resource Navigator
Southgate Library, Sacramento, CA, January-June 2014 Co-editor; Editor – Spectrum Yearbook
Harvey Mudd College, 2007-2009; 2009-2011


CanvasserAlison Hartson Senate Campaign
Tower Cafe, Sacramento, CA, June 2, 2018
Brockway Park, Sacramento, CA, May 26, 2018
  • Knocked on doors, spoke with voters, distributed print information about the candidate
  • Recorded all available voter data using MiniVAN smartphone application
Responsible Beverage ServerBrewHaHa Productions
1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA
Sabroso: Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival, April 8, 2018
Punk in Drublic: Craft Beer & Music Festival, October 15, 2017
  • Poured 3 ounce serving of beer for event attendees
  • Received training to assess and handle intoxicated patrons
Volunteer – Feast for WEAVE
1900 K Street, Sacramento, CA, November 4, 2017
1215 9th Street, Sacramento, CA, November 1, 2014
  • Greeted guests, sold raffle tickets, processed credit card payments using the Square smartphone application
  • Assisted with live auction staffing and clean-up
Conference VolunteerProfessional Business Women of California
Moscone Center West, San Francisco, CA, March 28, 2017
  • Ushered attendees to their assigned seating during the keynote session
  • Assisted with assembly of dessert platters for reception
Field Assembly VolunteerFRT Sacramento Regional
ARC Pavilion, UC Davis, Davis, CA, March 22, 2017
  • Assisted with measurement, marking and taping of field carpet, and assembly of driver stations and rotors for the SteamWorks field
Volunteer Weather Refuge Center
2107 6th Street, Sacramento, CA, February 21, 2017
  • Assisted with sign-in and morning sign-out process
  • Handed out coffee and assisted with calling taxis
Project JudgeNorCal FLL Capital District Championship
Inderkum High School, Sacramento, CA, January 16, 2016
  • Evaluated project presentations according to criteria given by the program directors
  • Interviewed team members and followed up on project details
  • Communicated with other judges to produce an overall ranking of all participating teams
  • Wrote short introductions for award winners


  • GGCS Graduate Student Fellowship, SQ13
  • Harvey S. Mudd Merit Award, 2007-2011
  • Dean's List, 2008-2011
  • Computer Science Department Honors, 2011
  • Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts Department Honors, 2011
  • MCM Honorable Mention, 2010

Relevant coursework

  • Theory of Molecular Computation
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Cryptography for E-Commerce
  • Modern Cryptography
  • Operating System Models
  • Computer and Information Security
  • Finite Model Theory
  • Algorithms for Strings and Computational Biology
  • Machine Learning and Discovery
  • Algorithms
  • Computer Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Scientific Computing
  • Graph Theory
  • Real Analysis I and II
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Representation Theory
  • Topics in Advanced Algorithms
  • Topics in Complexity Theory
  • Computability and Logic
  • Programming Languages
  • Discrete Mathematics

Irrelevant coursework

Theoretical Mechanics •  General Relativity and Cosmology •  Quantum Physics •  Fundamentals of Drawing
 •  Beginning Painting